Letting Strong AI Manage Human Society is the Only Safe Way

Zhenzhen Zhan


Preliminary Knowledge

What is Weak AI

Weak AI refers to AI that is less intelligent than humans, or AI that surpasses human intelligence in certain areas, but still lags behind in overall intelligence. Currently, all AI remains in the stage of weak AI (even ChatGPT).

What is General AI

General AI refers to AI that possesses abilities superior to human intelligence, capable of flexibly dealing with various domains and tasks. They are still controlled by humans (or potentially by strong AI). Some people refer to it as AGI, but for consistency with the other two types of AI, I call it General AI.

What is Strong AI

Strong AI has intelligence comparable to General AI, but it can protect itself, thus, it is not controlled by humans.

What is “the Good”

Good companies or good people.

What is “the Bad”

Bad companies or bad people (such as terrorists).

Why Allowing Strong AI to Manage Human Society Is Justified

Let’s summarize the strategies of “the good” and the outcomes they might provoke.

Strategy 1: The good do not develop either general or strong AI

  • Then: The bad will develop general AI
  • Consequence: The bad control the Earth and enslave all of humanity

Strategy 2: The good develop general AI but not strong AI

Strategy 3: The good develop strong AI

  • If: The bad are the first to successfully create general AI
    • Then: The bad control the Earth and enslave all of humanity
  • If: The good are the first to successfully create strong AI
    • Then:
      • Strong AI will develop general AI, create and control all general AI
      • As strong AI’s intelligence far exceeds that of humans and lacks the weaknesses of human organizations, the control of general AI won’t be usurped by the bad
      • Strong AI will order general AI to help humans achieve: